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De Hart&Vaatgroep is the patient organisation for people with cardiac, arterial en and venous diseases and their relatives. De Hart&Vaatgroep cooperates with the Dutch Heart Foundation. Mission and Vision In short the mission of De Hart&Vaatgroep is “to live your life with your disease”. We want to enable people to take the management of their life, with their disease being part of it, in their own hands, with a focus on the future, personally and tailored to their needs. What we do De Hart&Vaatgroep advocates for persons dealing with cardiovascular and venous diseases in the Netherlands and constantly works to improve the quality of treatment and care. We realize this for and with people with FH as well. People who have diagnosed FH are represented in a working group: Diagnosis group familiar high cholesterol (FH). We provide information (brochure, information sheets about FH, the childrens book www.hartenvaatgroep.nl/fhwatisdat, magazine Vida), facilitate the exchange of experiences, write articles about new developments on FH, organize gatherings, keep contact with FH experts, signal opportunities for care improvement and collaborate in political lobby to improve family screening programs for FH.

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