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Since the foundation of Debbie Fund in 2011 we’ve raised over £1m thanks to the generous support of donors and friends, the enormous efforts of individual fundraisers each year and our incredible corporate partners. From the initial Debbie Fund ball, to every step taken by our annual marathon runners, the money raised has been due to the hard work of hundreds of people Aside from our low admin costs, all of this money goes directly into research for new treatments for cervical cancer, most of which takes place at our lab at the UCL Cancer Institute. Over the past 10 years, the team of scientists at UCL, led by Professor Kerry Chester, have made amazing strides in both genomics research to better understand cervical cancer and in the development of antibodies to target cervical cancer cells. At this point in our research, it seems likely that this research will benefit not only cervical cancer treatments, but also the treatment of other rare cancers. Leveraging partnerships with other universities both in the UK and elsewhere, the team at UCL have made significant contributions in the form of research papers and knowledge sharing, taking steps every day to a world in which no woman dies of cervical cancer. Currently the team is in the process of finalising the antibody development, in the hope that we will soon be able to move the research into the next phase: clinical trials. This will be done with a commercial partner, and mark a significant milestone on the journey to new treatments for cervical cancer

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