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Our vision for a better future

We want to bring about a world where everybody can lead longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer.

A world where:

  • Some types of cancer are effectively eliminated  
  • Many more are prevented from developing in the first place 
  • People who do develop cancer are diagnosed at the earliest possible stage so they can be successfully treated  
  • Treatments are more effective, kinder and more targeted, so people can lead better, more fulfilling lives  
  • Everyone shares in this progress equally, regardless of who they are, where they’re from or what type of cancer they have  

This strategy offers the one thing we all seek: hope. Hope that the more we discover about the causes of cancer, the more this can be used to prevent it. Hope that discoveries will also lead to a better understanding of how cancer affects our bodies, leading to a better quality of life. Hope that more people will be able to live well with the disease where a cure is not yet an option. Most importantly, it gives us hope that these discoveries will lead to more options for more of us. 

From our patient representatives - Ally Boyle, Patrick McGuire, Angela Polanco and Claire James

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