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Balls to Cancer was setup in 2011 by Mark Bates with the love and support of his wife Susan following the death of Mark’s father, Geoff and Susan’s grandad Peter. Balls to Cancer, a registered charity in the UK was started to help raise awareness and offer support to men dealing with cancer. Within a short time, we realised that we were able to offer our help and support to everyone. We’ve been successfully helping men, women and children suffering with cancer giving them the love and support so they’re not alone. We offer information on all forms of cancer via our website and we’re on hand to offer support by listening and talking. Through the generosity of our supporters, we’re able to look at supporting sufferers financially; giving support with household bills, equipment, clothing, school uniforms and winter coats. Cancer hits everyone it affects physically, mentally and financially and we’re on hand to help where we can. In addition, we have 2 amazing luxury holiday homes in Burnham-on-Sea where families can share a carefree holiday, without worry; for free. We’re lucky to be able to offer free Chemotherapy support packs to anyone going through this challenging treatment.

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      • Brain Cancer
      • Pancreatic Cancer
      • Penile Cancer
      • Testicular Cancer
      • Thyroid Cancer
      • Lung Cancer
      • Liver Cancer
      • Leukemia

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