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The Group of Volunteers against Cancer - EmbraceZO was founded in 1976 with headquarters in Piraeus. In 46 years of action and contribution, AgaliaZO Group supports cancer patients. OEKK-AgaliaZO is managed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, whose elected members are either patients or have experience with the disease.

The Group consists of members and volunteers. At the same time, to achieve its work, it is supported by professionals in the field of communication, psychological support, management of accounting and financial issues, as well as secretarial support. In addition, it collaborates with experienced and renowned Scientists of all specialties in the anti-cancer field, who constitute the Scientific Committee of the Group.

OEKK-AkaliAZO has had a Branch in Heraklion, Crete since 2007 for the needs of the citizens of the region. Finally, it hosts and supports the Panhellenic Association of Laryngeectomists PAN.SY.LA since 1989.

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